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Bed Rail Safety Bumpers
Bed Rail Safety Bumpers Protect Against Injuries, and Reduces the Risk of Body Parts Getting Stuck or Trapped Between Bed Rails.

Choose from our Wide offering of Mobility/ Disability Bedroom Aids and Supports to Enhance your Safety, Comfort and Independence in the Bedroom.

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Bed Rail Safety Bumpers - 2 Bar Bumpers With NetsBed Rail Safety Bumpers - 2 Bar Bumpers With NetsSpecifically designed for use on profiling beds with two side rails. Top and bottom pads fit neatly around each bed rail and are connected by a strong see-through net. The net compresses/ collapses in folds to save space when the sides are lowered. Helps prevent bed falls and reduces the risks of entrapment between bed rails...
Bed Rail Safety Bumpers - Bed BumpersBed Rail Safety Bumpers - Bed BumpersSuitable for most bed rails on single and double divan beds to provide added comfort and safety. Made from high density foam with wipe-clean, waterproof covers. Especially ideal to use with the Chrome Telescopic Bed Rails. Available in two Heights: Standard and Extra-High Bed Bumpers...
Bed Rail Safety Bumpers - Bed Side WedgesBed Rail Safety Bumpers - Bed Side WedgesAn ideal alternative to bed side rails, if you would rather not use bed rails. Just like bedside rails, Bed Side Safety Wedges reduce the risk of rolling or falling out of bed. Feature removable side wedges. This firmly attaches to the supplied draw sheet, using double hook and loop strips. The Draw Sheet is firmly held in place with quick-release buckles. Suitable for all types of single beds...
Bed Rail Safety Bumpers - Connected Cot Side BumpersBed Rail Safety Bumpers - Connected Cot Side BumpersDesigned to reduce the risk of entrapment by closing the gap between the mattress and bedsides. A highly permeable base-sheet connects two cot side bumpers and forms a safety net to prevent bod parts falling through, under the rails. Covered with wipe-clean vinyl. Supplied as a set of two bumpers with one base sheet...
Bed Rail Safety Bumpers - Cot Side BumpersBed Rail Safety Bumpers - Cot Side BumpersFeatures a mattress overlay, and foam inner-padding. This helps prevent bed falls and reduce the risk of pressure injuries. Designed to fit bedrails up to 1400mm (55") long. With a standard height of 760mm (30") to reach over most bedrails. Quickly and easily attached to the rails with a hook and loop fastening, along the bottom edge. Easy to wipe clean. Sold in pairs...
Bed Rail Safety Bumpers - Orthodocs CocoonBed Rail Safety Bumpers - Orthodocs CocoonBased on research, to prevent entrapment - especially with people living with dementia. The user's mattress fits inside the Bed Rail Safety Bumper, which comes in three different heights: 300mm (12”); or 350mm (14”); or 400mm (16”). And then attached to the bed rails. Can also be used as a safe evacuation system in an emergency situation, allowing a carer to safely and more easily move the person to safety. The covers have an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal coating, are breathable/ vapour-permeable and washable...
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