Disability Health Wellness/ Wellbeing
Disability Health, Wellness and Wellbeing Supplements/ Products to Support and Improve the Independence, Comfort and Lifestyle Choices of Less-Able People with a Disability/ Handicap; the Frail and the Elderly.

Choose from Our Range of Trusted, Quality Health, Wellness and Wellbeing Supplements and Products - Developed based on Pure Aloe Vera Gel - to Boost Your Health and Immunity. So You can Continue Living a Healthy, Happy and Active Lifestyle for Longer...

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Disability Health Wellness/ Wellbeing - Aloe Vera Gel (SKU: TFL 015)Disability Health Wellness/ Wellbeing - Aloe Vera Gel (SKU: TFL 015)As close to the natural plant juice as possible, containing over 200 different food nutrient compounds. Includes vitamin C which increases iron absorption and helps reduce tiredness and fatigue; Enhances a healthy collagen formation of the skin cells, cartilage function, blood vessels and bones; And protects your cells from oxidative stress. An excellent supplement for vegetarians and vegans...
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