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Electric Pillow Lifters
Electric Pillow Lifters provide Powered Mobility Assistance with Lifting your Head and Sitting Up, from a Flat-Lying Position, in Bed. Also, Ease Gently into a Laying Position with a Pillow Lifter. Increase your Comfort in the Bedroom.

Choose from our Wide offering of Mobility/ Disability Aids and Supports to Enhance your Safety, Comfort and Independence in Your Bedroom.

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Electric Mattress Elevators - DreamMaster Mattress Elevator (SKU: TPM 03846)Electric Mattress Elevators - DreamMaster Mattress Elevator (SKU: TPM 03846)Offers you a seamless, powered rise/ recline lift, from under your mattress rather than the pillow. With a strong, durable, width-adjustable frame, which is easy to install. Features a smooth, quiet operation to allow you sit or lie comfortably in bed, with a high degree of independence. And can elevate from 5 - 85º. Can be used on single, double and king-sized divan beds. Ideal for most orthopaedic mattresses and beds including divan, slatted and metal beds. With optional Knee Break, designed to offer better comfort when sitting on your bed. Angle of elevation tilts between 4 and 13º. This helps to improve posture, enhances comfort and prevents you from sliding down the mattress when sitting upright...
Electric Pillow Lifters - Handy Pillow Lift (SKU: TPH 85866)Electric Pillow Lifters - Handy Pillow Lift (SKU: TPH 85866)A lightweight, air-filled, pillow lift which elevates you to a seated position at the touch of a button. Provides excellent, stable, supportive and comfortable back support. Operated by a very quiet, low air-pressure, using the Airflow power source supplied. Easy to operate, giving a smooth inflation/ deflation experience. Compact and portable - rolls up for travelling with no fixtures/ fittings needed. Ideal for use on every type/ size of bed...
Electric Pillow Lifters - Medeci Pillow Lifter (SKU: TPM 77040)Electric Pillow Lifters - Medeci Pillow Lifter (SKU: TPM 77040)A lightweight, powererd Aluminium backrest that sits on top of your existing mattress. It helps you rise and/ or lower your head in bed with comfortable ease. Ideal for use at home or in care homes. Powered by a low-voltage transformer with back-up batteries. This enables temporary use of the pillow lifter in the event of a power failure. Easy to operate, quiet during use and allows sitting angles from 5° to 65°. Adjustable to your ideal, comfortable height by the press of a button. Comes complete with a mattress pad that secures to your bed frame. Can be comfortably left in place while lying in bed...
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