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Fleece Pressure Protectors

Fleece Pressure Protectors

Fleece Pressure Protectors, lambs wool pressure protectors, sheepskin pressure protectors to keep you warm when it's cold, and cool when it's hot. Helps to reduce skin friction and shearing which leads to pressure sores.
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Neck Supports - Fleece Neck SupportNeck Supports - Fleece Neck SupportComfortable neck support beneficial to anyone with neck problems. Promotes a feeling of safety, whilst doing activities such as traveling, eating, watching TV, chatting ... Made from pure new wool and it has a unique neck support cushion that has therapeutic qualities. Particularly beneficial for people with sore necks caused by arthritis or strain...
Pressure Care - Lambswool Elbow ProtectorsPressure Care - Lambswool Elbow ProtectorsDesigned for pressure sores these heel and elbow protectors are lined with real lambswool fleece and have a velcro type fastener for maximum comfort...
Pressure Care - Lambswool Heel ProtectorsPressure Care - Lambswool Heel ProtectorsWashable lambswool pads that attach to the heel. Cradles the foot in soft, pillow-like comfort. Fully adjustable for correct size. Supplied as a pair...
Pressure Protection - Fleece Elbow ProtectorsPressure Protection - Fleece Elbow ProtectorsThe Lambswool Elbow and Heel Protectors can help prevent the occurrence of pressure sores around the heel or the elbow. The protectors have a synthetic fleece lining that retains warmth and they are fastened in place with a Velcro strap.
Pressure Protection - Fleece Heel ProtectorsPressure Protection - Fleece Heel ProtectorsPure wool heel protectors, bound around the edges for comfort and durability. Fitted with adjustable straps to provide comfort and protection while in bed or seated. Supplied as a pair. Machine washable.
Pressure Protection - Fleece Wool Bed Pad - Single BedPressure Protection - Fleece Wool Bed Pad - Single BedDesigned for optimal pressure care. It is a full single bed sized Fleece Bed Pad which features the softness of wool on one side. And a poly-cotton backing on the other, for customizable comfort...
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