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Furniture Raisers/ Risers/ Elevators
Furniture Raisers/ Risers/ Elevators for Sofas, Chairs, Tables and Beds. Suitably Increase the Height of Your Low Furniture, so You Can More Easily and Safely Stand Up and Seat Down.

Choose from our Wide offering of Mobility/ Disability Aids and Supports to Enhance your Safety, Comfort and Independence in Your Home.

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Furniture Raisers/ Risers/ Elevators - Cone Furniture RaisersFurniture Raisers/ Risers/ Elevators - Cone Furniture RaisersOffers you a more economical way to raise your furniture - chairs, sofas or beds - up to a height of 140mm (5½"). Features a set of four, moulded, durable cones which are stackable for compact storage and transportation. The leg or castor of your furniture is held securely in place by the recessed top and anti slip pads. Available in two heights: Standard and High Height...
Furniture Raisers/ Risers/ Elevators - Elephant FeetFurniture Raisers/ Risers/ Elevators - Elephant FeetSuitable for beds and chairs with larger legs due to the wide tops. Features a simple, strong and durable one piece grey plastic design, which blends with any furniture. Supports most types of furniture legs. With a central recess of 15mm ((¾") for castors to securely fit within the raiser, to ensure stability. Available in two heights...
Furniture Raisers/ Risers/ Elevators - Langham Furniture RaisersFurniture Raisers/ Risers/ Elevators - Langham Furniture RaisersSuitable for chairs or beds without castor legs. Ideal for fitting either round or square furniture legs. It features plastic/ gel grips, to simply hold the furniture leg firmly in place. Available in two diameters and offer height adjustments from 32 - 83mm (1¼ - 3¼"). Minimum raise is 25mm and can be increased to 50mm or 75mm by adding additional Clip-Ons. Supplied in a pack of four...
Furniture Raisers/ Risers/ Elevators - Langham SureGripFurniture Raisers/ Risers/ Elevators - Langham SureGripFeatures a double grip to hold on even more tightly to your furniture. Each unit twists easily to give a variable height range from 38 - 100mm (1½ - 4") for furniture with legs up to 70mm (2¾"). Extremely versatile and can be used on castors, solid divan bases and even block feet, by using the included Adhesive Pad Adaptors. Can be used independently or linked together with optional spreader bars and link arms to create a stable linked raise...
Furniture Raisers/ Risers/ Elevators - Medici Furniture RaisersFurniture Raisers/ Risers/ Elevators - Medici Furniture RaisersF]eatures a large, sturdy and stable base which is unobtrusive when fitted. Designed for use with chairs, beds and tables with legs. Secure firmly to your furniture legs by rotating the top collar of the unit. This tightens an internal strap around the leg. For fitment to furniture with castors, one of two methods can be used...
Furniture Raisers/ Risers/ Elevators - Multi Purpose RaiserFurniture Raisers/ Risers/ Elevators - Multi Purpose RaiserOffers you a versatile way to raise the height of your low furniture - Sofas/ Settees, Chairs, Tables and Beds - up to a maximum, suggested, safe height of 150mm (6"). Easy to assemble. And carefully developed, using feedback received from Occupational Therapists. Provides a snug-fit support, at the corners of your furniture - and snug-fit central support on larger furniture such as beds...
Furniture Raisers/ Risers/ Elevators - Universal Chair/ Settee RaiserFurniture Raisers/ Risers/ Elevators - Universal Chair/ Settee RaiserFeatures width-adjustable, telescopic frames. This ensures a secure fitting to most sizes of chairs/ settees. Designed to discreetly raise the height of chairs or settees by securely clamping onto existing furniture legs or castors. Manufactured from high grade tubular steel. Other cup sizes are available for alternative types of leg fittings...
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