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High Back Support Armchairs

High Back Support Chairs, Lumbar Back Support Armchairs and Ergonomic Head/ Back Support Armchairs Allow you to Sit More Upright, in Dignified, Relaxed Comfort.

Choose from our Wide offering of Ergonomic, Mobility/ Disability High Back Support Chairs to Enhance your Safety, Comfort and Independence in Your Home.

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High Back Support Armchairs - Adjustable High Back ChairHigh Back Support Armchairs - Adjustable High Back ChairDesigned to provide comfortable, padded, back support to the lumbar region, using a specially profiled back. Additional comfort is provided by the fully moulded arm rests. Made from a sturdy and durable, high gloss, nylon modified, epoxy-coated, metal framework. And easy-clean, vinyl upholstery...
High Back Support Armchairs - Baroque High Back ChairsHigh Back Support Armchairs - Baroque High Back ChairsSpecifically developed to meet your healthcare needs of comfort, safety and infection control. Standard features include top-stitch upholstery to help prevent the entry of fluids - reducing the risks associated with infection control. Also features filled-in sides and armpads for increased safety and comfort; A sacral gap and removable seat cushion for easy cleaning and access; And housekeeping wheels that are fixed to the back legs, making the chair easy to move, with fewer moving and handling risks...
High Back Support Armchairs - Dartmouth High Back ChairsHigh Back Support Armchairs - Dartmouth High Back ChairsSpecifically designed to give maximum comfort and support. Its' higher seat height makes it easier to rise from, than a standard chair. With a slightly sloping seat for extra comfort. Also with splayed-apart legs for greater balance, if you tend to sit heavily or use the armrests to push yourself out of your chair, into a standing position. Features a beech-effect frame with comfortable, generously-padded arms. Backward-sloping, thickly-padded seat gives maximum user comfort and support...
High Back Support Armchairs - Double Drop ArmchairsHigh Back Support Armchairs - Double Drop Armchairs Ideal for when you need a good degree of back support. And need to transfer easily to/ from a wheelchair. Both chair arms lift up and drop down to be level with the seat cushion. Once lowered the arm fills the gap between the chair and the wheelchair, therefore allowing a smooth side transfer to occur in a comfortable and supportive environment. Easy to operate by carer or user. With 2 years Guarantee. Available in four colours...
High Back Support Armchairs - Extra Wide, Height-AdjustableHigh Back Support Armchairs - Extra Wide, Height-AdjustableHeavy duty, high-back armchair. Ideal for users up to 254kg (40st). A well-padded chair, designed for your maximum comfort and support. With specially profiled back-rest to provide supports to the lower lumbar area of your back. Height-adjustable and ideal for use as an everyday chair. Fully moulded, comfort armrests provide additional support when rising...
High Back Support Armchairs - High Back Dralon Upholstery ChairHigh Back Support Armchairs - High Back Dralon Upholstery ChairEasily height-adjustable, for your comfort and support. Features sturdy, plastic coated steel frame. And non marking, non slip rubber tips on the legs, to ensure your stability and safety. Comes with wings. And without wings. Plastic coated steel frame. Height adjustable. Flame retardant upholstery. Non marking non slip rubber feet...
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