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Incontinence Care: The Right Care to Maintain Your Dignity

Incontinence Care: Effective Management of Delicate Problem

Incontinence Pads/ Diapers/ Briefs, Urinary Bed Pans, Incontinence Wear and Incontinence Bed/ Chair Protectors Help in the Effective Management of Continence Problems.

Incontinence problems could range from a slight leakage, to frequent wetting and soiling accidents. We have in stock a wide range of incontinence products that will help you deal effectively with this delicate problem.

First, remember that you need to keep as dry as possible. This will help to prevent a skin breakdown and infection.

Skin breakdown and infection is even more problematic when you already have a weakened or slowed immune system, due to age or Illness.

From a slight leakage, to frequent wetting and soiling accidents - If you experience these - try to go to the bathroom to check/ change your underwear or pads as nessesary. If you cannot, then let your helper assist you to do this frequently. Say, every two to three hours.

Remember also, certain medicines can increase your need to go to the toilet so you may have to change or be changed more frequently.

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