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Mobility Accessories - Enjoy More Benefits from Your Mobility Aids

Mobility Accessories - Enjoy More from Your Mobility Aids...

Mobility Aid Accessories are great ways to transform your Mobility Aids, making them even better!

And now, you can adapt and enjoy more benefits from your wheelchair, mobility scooter, walking frame or walker . . . By simply adding any range of mobility aid accessory. Depending on what you wish to do - and on what mobility aid you have.

People can say what they will, but you have to have your wheelchair to get around and you love the one that you have. There are some items, however, that you can get that will make this freedom giving tool just that much better.

If you are using a manual wheel chair, for instance, do you ever notice pain in your hands? Are they getting dry, calloused and worn? The addition of a pair of wheelchair gloves can be the answer to these problems.

There are many styles of wheelchair gloves to choose from, including those that are fingerless and full fingered gloves as well. One of the best types available has a full gel pad in the suede covered palm – you could push those wheels for hours with those on.

Other helpful mobility accessories are the bags and baskets that you can add to your chair, scooter or walker. Trying to carry things around while you are using a walker is dangerous; so a basket is more than just a mobility accessory in this case, it is a safety device as well. There are baskets for scooters that enable you can carry things with you when you are out and about town.

Bags are available to pack the items that you might need while you are out eliminating the need to return to your home until you are actually ready to do so.

Keeping warm and dry while you are in your wheelchair or on your scooter is important as well.

A wheelchair raincoat or poncho is perfect and easier to use than a regular jacket or coat. A scooter cape will wrap all the way around you and the scooter so that you do not catch a chill from any direction at all. There are also leg warmers for scooter users.

If you travel around town after dark, it is safer and wiser to have a reflective waist coat that lets others, especially motorists, know exactly where you are.

Sitting for a long period of time in your wheelchair or on your scooter can lead to a tired, sore bottom. Adding a fleece covered seat, and other wheelchair cushions, to either is a good idea.

Remember, if you are sitting for a long time and you have not or are not able to stand and stretch, you could be in danger of developing pressure sores. The fleece seat or the other adaptive wheelchair and scooter seat cushions can reduce the pressure that you feel.

Finally, please remember to observe simple health and safety precautions, while using your mobility aid and its accessories..

While using a wheelchair or scooter cape, take care that it doesn't get caught in the wheels. Do not try to carry anything that is too heavy in your walker basket, because it could fall over and drag you along with it... 

Take the necessary precautions to ensure your safety so that you can continue to get out as much as possible.

Whatever you hope to achieve with your wheelchair, scooter, walking frame or other mobility aid, You can be sure we have just the right mobility accessory to make it more pleasurable to use.

Choose one - or two! And feel the improvement in your user experience. And help is just a click away. If you feel lost. 

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