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Mobility and Disability Support Seating Chairs

Mobility Disability Chair Seating, Riser and Recliner Armchairs, High-Back Arm Chairs, Armchair Commodes and Specialist High-Dependency Chairs.

Get Greater Sitting and Standing Posture Support/ Relief - Allowing for Safer and Easier Rise and Recline Movements.
When you need extra support to make sitting at home or abroad a lot easier, we recommend high-back support chairs and riser recliner chairs. In situations of extreme sitting/ seating needs, high support dependency chairs will go a long way in making seating around - especially for long periods - safer and easier.

Rise and Recline Chairs empower people with weak lower body strength to sit and stand comfortably and safely. They are useful in reducing stress and strain on your weakened or painful joints of the back, knees and hips. Putting pressure on a weak or painful joint can cause that joint to give way, leading to falls/ accidents. Riser Recliner Chairs enable you to stand slowly and smoothly in a controlled motion, so there's no sudden pressure on the weakened/ painful joint.

Riser Recliner Chairs are also a very practical solution for patients, recovering from surgery and need to spend most of their time in bed or an armchair. It provides the best seating/ lying positions that ensure your comfort and allows you to achieve total relaxation, for faster recovery.

High-Back Support Chairs provide exceptional comfort with upper back, lower back and head support. They are designed with firm, ergonometric padding and rigid armrests to support the weight-bearing parts of your body. They help you to lean back and sit upright, with a more dignified posture. Plus the Armrests can be used to support your weight as you stand up.

For prolonged seating, a High Back Chair can be made most comfortable when teamed up with a Footstool/ Leg Rest, to elevate the legs and improve circulation. This encourages a proper, seated posture and cushions the high-pressure points that lead to discomfort. High Back Chairs give you a seating option which is both comfortable to sit in, and easy to get up from.

Specialist High Support Seating Chairs help keep Moving/ Handling/ Transfer needs to a bare minimum. While enabling better sitting and laying support/ relief - where the user has a medium/ high risk of pressure sores, due to a high inability to move independently.

Some of our Specialist High Support Seating Chairs operate an Air Pressure Relief System which is better than other forms of pressure relief, as it generates no heat build-up. These reduce sweat and its' associated risk of pressure ulcers. And can also be used as a bed-chair, reducing the number of moving/ handling operations required and disturbance to the user. 

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