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Urinary Bed Pans
Urinary Bed Pans Serve As a "Bed Toilet", Allowing the Discharge of Faecal and Urinary Matter, While Confined to Bed Due to Illness. Ideal if You Can Control Your Bowel Movements. So You can Recover to Sound Health, in Dignity and Comfort!

Choose from our Wide Offering of Urinary Bed Pans, to Meet Your Toileting Needs with Dignity, While Confined to Bed.

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Urinary Bed Pans - Economy Bed PanUrinary Bed Pans - Economy Bed PanDesigned to meet toileting needs when restricted to bed due to an illness. And the user is able to control their bowel movements/ motions. Also ideal for use as a female urinal. Made from white plastic. It's smooth, moulded design makes it comfortable to use. Features an indent on both sides that make it easy to carry and empty...
Urinary Bed Pans - Fracture Bed PanUrinary Bed Pans - Fracture Bed PanIdeal for use by fracture patients and people who are immobile due to broken limbs or hip replacements. Smaller and flatter than Standard Bed Pans, allowing easier/ more comfortable access through the front. And reducing the need to roll user unto their side, for use.Made from high quality polypropylene and is easy to position. Clean using sterilising solution, boiling water, steam or simply autoclave. Available in colours White or Green and with a Lid or Without Lid...
Urinary Bed Pans - Oak Leaf BedpanUrinary Bed Pans - Oak Leaf BedpanDesigned to meet toileting needs in bed - Ideal for use by frail/ immobile patients. Made of durable polypropylene. Can be sterilised by steam, boiling or chemicals. Features a horseshoe-shaped sitting surface, with an opening at the front so liquid can be disposed of easily. With an anatomic, contour design to provide comfort, while reducing the risk of dirt being trapped around the corners...
Urinary Bed Pans - Slipper Bed PanUrinary Bed Pans - Slipper Bed PanIdeal for use by patients and people who are unble to get out of bed for their toileting needs. Lower/ flatter than Standard Bed Pans, allowing easier/ more comfortable access for use. Made from high quality polypropylene and is easy to position. Available with an optional  Lid to reduce spills and odours...
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