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Are you struggling to get in and out of your bath? Are you scared that you may slip and fall in the bathroom?


We understand how you feel. And our wide range of bathroom aids will help to reduce bathroom injuries.


No room in your house poses as much risk to your safety as the bathroom. If you have limited mobility or a disability or handicap due to disease or injury, the bathroom can pose a major threat to your health.


That’s why so many individuals with limited strength and mobility due to disability, injury or health are using bathroom aids such as shower bars, shower seats and chairs, bathroom seats and other devices


Every day, on average, 370 people are injured in the bathtub or shower in the country. The Consumer Product Safety commission reported that 134,434 people were injured in the bathtub or shower during 1991 alone. Twenty percent of those injured were elderly individuals.


In fact, the elderly were injured more often in the bathroom than from more commonly feared ‘dangerous’ equipment such as cooking appliances or exercise equipment.


Thirty percent of all home accidents are due to falls, which are the sixth leading causing of death.


More than 200,000 hip fractures and 25% of admissions to the hospital for individuals 65 and older are the result of falls. The bathroom is where the majority of falls take place in the home.


The bathroom is a small, confined place, usually with slippery, hard surfaces. Most people who use mobility aids such as walkers, rollators or electric wheelchairs, cannot use them inside the bathroom. Due to limited space. This leaves them even more vulnerable to accident and injury.


By far, entering and exiting the shower or bathtub provides the greatest danger for slips and falls. When you consider the hardness of the surface. The many fixtures and faucets. Limited strength and mobility. And the ‘slippery when wet’ factor, you understand why it is so easy for accidents to occur.

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