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Bath Lifts/ Hoists
Safety Bath Lifts/ Hoists, Bath Boards, Bath Stools and Shower Seats for Safer Bathing Experiences. Bathroom/ Bathing Safety Aids for Elderly, Child or Disabled, to meet all your Mobility/ Disability Support Needs.

Choose from our Wide offering of Safety Bath Lifts/ Hoists and Supports to Increase your Safety and Independence while Bathing...

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Bathroom Aids - Aquajoy Premier Plus Bath Lift (SKU: TPL 35749)Bathroom Aids - Aquajoy Premier Plus Bath Lift (SKU: TPL 35749)A compact, easy-to-use Premium Bath Lift. Operated by a lightweight, fully waterproof, floating, battery hand control. This has “soft to touch” convex and concave buttons. Also with a reclining facility which allows you to lie back, or remain in an upright position during use. This makes it suitable for a wide range of uses. Compact enough to fit most baths. Can be used with or without its' washable back and seat covers - Supplied as standard. Optional Accessories include Gel-Filled Cover Mats and a Swivel/ Slide Seat, for easier user transfer ...
Bathroom Aids - Aquila Bath Lift (SKU: TPM 18187)Bathroom Aids - Aquila Bath Lift (SKU: TPM 18187)Lightweight, compact design and reclining, supportive backrests. With a higher than average back, providing increased support and comfort. So, you won't need extra headrest to relax.Makes personal hygiene easier, as you have more room to shift forward and lean back to wash. Low, seat design for maximum immersion. Easily operated using the slim-line hand control. Easily folded flat for storage. Antimicrobial design protects against harmful bacteria and bathroom mould ...
Bathroom Aids - Bathing Cushion (SKU: TPM 18217)Bathroom Aids - Bathing Cushion (SKU: TPM 18217)A durable, inflatable air cushion.Supplied with an Airflo compressor to inflate the cushion. Inflated and deflated using the waterproof hand control. Designed to give you total control over how high or low you want the seat during use. A small amount of air can be left in the cushion for additional comfort and support whilst bathing. Exceptionally portable - Making it ideal for easy transportation, travelling and discrete storage. Requires no installation and weighs only 2kg ... With a 2 Year Manufacturers' Warranty
Bathroom Aids - Bellavita Bath Lift (SKU: TPM 18229)Bathroom Aids - Bellavita Bath Lift (SKU: TPM 18229)Ultra-lightweight, with a slimline profile for easy handling and storage - At greater comfort and safety to you. Seat height is adjustable over a wider range for greater immersion, up to a maximum of 480mm (19") for deeper baths. Backrest reclines to over 50*, so you can relax further in the bath. Non- slip, quick-release suckers at the bottom for safety and stability. Frontal cut-away for easier access in personal hygiene, while bathing. Complete with an easily operated handset with coloured and shaped buttons ...
Bathroom Aids - Neptune Bath Lift (SKU: TPH 84588)Bathroom Aids - Neptune Bath Lift (SKU: TPH 84588)Comfortable, lightweight, stylish and slimline design allows you to sit right back in the bath. This gives you an impressive leg room and immersion. With four strong suction feet to ensure secure fixing to both flat and curved bath surfaces. And a waterproof hand control which has a large, easy-to-use rocker switch. A battery status monitoring system indicates its' charge level. The Seat is detachable from the frame, making it fully portable. It's integrated anti-microbial agent protects against bacteria and fungal growth...
Bathroom Aids - Orca Bath Lift (SKU: TPM 34132)Bathroom Aids - Orca Bath Lift (SKU: TPM 34132)Slim-lined. Very low seat height for maximum immersion. High, reclining backrest which gives you good postural support during your wash. These allows you to seat lower and more towards the back of the bath. So you have more leg room. Large, non-slip suction cups for safety and stability. Side flaps for safe and easy transfers, included as standard. Compact, lightweight, easy-use hand control. With raised coloured buttons for better visuals. Folds flat easily for transport or storage ...
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