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Orthopaedic Body/ Joint Support to Prevent and Ease Body Pains

Orthopaedic Body/ Joint Support to Ease Your Body’s Burden

Orthopaedic Body/ Joint Support Aids help ease body pain and soreness. They prevent body/ joint pains from getting worse.

If you are still up and about, using a cane, crutches, walker or any other walking aid, the problems you face are most likely in your back, arms, and legs.


If you find that your back aches when you've been up and about for a while, there are several things you should do.


First, if this is new pain, or a worse pain than you have had in the past, consult your doctor. You may have injured or strained your back. Or you may have a kidney or bladder infection.


However, if you have had this pain for a while, have been checked by the doctor and certified healthy; Then check that your walking aid is set to the correct height. If that is also OK, then it may be time to give your joints some extra support.


You can add a lower back brace to help ease some of the strain that you feel and to assist you to stand up straighter.


For wrist pain, you might be placing too much of your body weight on the handles of your walking aid. To correct this, you may have to work with a physical therapist. Wrist braces can also help to reduce the strain.


Knees are wonderful when they work correctly, but can be extremely painful when they start to fail. Knee braces can help. Especially if you have problems with knees that want to pop out of place, on a regular basis. If you have knee problems at night while in bed, a leg trough can help. It will help align your legs correctly and take some of the pressure off them.


And as a wheelchair user, or one that sits in one positon for long, finding comfort for certain parts of your body can be difficult.


If you find yourself with a tired, achy back most of the day, you might be slumping or sitting forward without even realizing it. Adding a coccyx wedge cushion to your chair will allow you to sit up correctly and will reduce some of the pressure on your lower back by realigning your spine back to the normal 'S' curve.


Small wedges that go between the wheelchair/ armchair frame and your arms are another excellent support idea. These wedges can be particularly helpful if you have limited use of your arms. They protect the arms from injury caused by dangling down by the wheels. Or being dragged along a wall.


At we understand what you are going through. 


And to help ease the pain, we have a whole range of orthopaedic body/ joint support products that will prove to be useful. Useful to bring you relief from your body’s burden. Choose one today and experience true relief.


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