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Elderly/ Disability Walking Sticks
Walking Sticks, Mobility Walkers, Rollators, Walking Frames and Crutches to Aid your Mobility. Mobility Aids for Elderly, Child or Disabled, to meet all your Mobility/ Disability Needs.

Choose from our Wide offering of Mobility/ Disability Walking Aids and Supports to take the Strain off Walking. And Increase your Safety, Comfort and Independence...

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Mobility Walking Frames - Swan Neck TetrapodMobility Walking Frames - Swan Neck TetrapodManufactured from lightweight Aluminium. Quadruped base provides greater stability than single stick. Angled neck reduces strain on wrists. Adjustable height...
Mobility Walking Frames - Tripods & TetrapodsMobility Walking Frames - Tripods & TetrapodsOffers you increased stability and security, while walking. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Fitted with high quality, rubber ferrules to prevent slippage. The handles also taper towards the front to give you a good grip and prevent slipping. Can be autoclaved up to 80°C...
Mobility Walking Stick - Folding Walking Stick with Contour HandleMobility Walking Stick - Folding Walking Stick with Contour HandleLightweight yet strong height-adjustable walking stick. Snaps open in seconds and conveniently folds away into its' plastic wallet. Comes in an attractive polished hardwood contoured handle and durable Aluminium shaft, finished in black. Fitted with high quality, non-marking, slip-resistant rubber tips for stability ...
Mobility Walking Stick - Folding Walking Stick with Fischer HandleMobility Walking Stick - Folding Walking Stick with Fischer HandleIdeal if you have difficulty gripping. Ergonomically shaped handle evenly distributes hand pressure across palm - reducing pressure and increasing comfort during use. Made with a sturdy Aluminium, lightweight construction, with four folding sections which snap out and lock automatically. Non-slip rubber tips to ensure your maximum stability and safety. Available in the left and right hand versions...
Mobility Walking Stick - Swan Neck Adjustable Walking StickMobility Walking Stick - Swan Neck Adjustable Walking StickSpecially designed to bear and balance your weight directly on the centre of the walking stick. This reduces the risk of slippIng forward during use. Most useful if you are really unsteady on your feet and will be leaning more heavily on your walking stick. Max User Weight - 125kgs (19.5st); Height Adjustment - 74 – 99cm (39-29”) ...
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