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Adaptable Drinking Straws
Elderly/ Disability Adaptable Drinking Straws to Solve the Problem of Feeding Yourself or a Loved One - Due to an Illness, Disability or Old Age. Lightweight, Flexible, One-Way, Clip-On, Easy Grip, Adaptable Straws. To Increase your Safety and Convenience as you Enjoy your Drinks.

Choose from our Wide offering of Easy-to-Use, Elderly/ Disabled Kitchen and Dining Utensils to Increase your Safety, Convenience and Reduce Strains/ Discomfort as you Prepare and Enjoy your Meals.

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Kitchen/ Dining Aids - Adult BibsKitchen/ Dining Aids - Adult BibsAbsorbent, colourfast. Impermeable barrier. Various patterns and closures available. Binding at neck....
Kitchen/ Dining Aids - Hydrant Drink SystemKitchen/ Dining Aids - Hydrant Drink SystemSolves the problem of dehydration in the elderly. Or one living with a disability. Helps to restore peace of mind, concerning common health problems such as Urinary Infections, Disorientation... Especially during the hot summer months. Promotes independence. You can enjoy your drinks whenever you want, without the need for help. Available in 2 Options - The Hydrant Sport and The Hydrant. Hydrant Sport Water Bottle - Designed to be easily and comfortably hand-held. Even if you have a weakened grip. Its' comfortable, extra large handles can be securely attached to your belt, wheelchair, bag... Or simply around the back of your hand. Hydrant Water Bottle - Ideal if you have a really limited mobility of the upper body. Instead of holding the bottle, you simply grab hold of the attached long tube, insert the valve between your lips and gently suck to your hearts' contentment - As often as you want to!...
Kitchen/ Dining Aids - One-Way Flextendable Straws - 15 PackKitchen/ Dining Aids - One-Way Flextendable Straws - 15 PackContains a one-way valve. This keeps your drink in the straw, in-between sips. You will find it ideal, if it's difficult for you to maintain suction with a regular straw. Suitable for warm and cold drinks but not for thick drinks...
Kitchen/ Dining Aids - Pat Saunders One-Way Drinking StrawsKitchen/ Dining Aids - Pat Saunders One-Way Drinking StrawsEasily clips onto your cups and glasses. Contains a one-way valve, so that liquid stays in the straw even if it is removed from your lips. This makes them ideal, if are not able to suck strongly. Prevents air being sucked into your stomach, which can cause pain and discomfort. Suitable for warm or cold liquids. Not suitable for semi solids. Can be washed in normal washing solutions or sterilised with boiling water. They are not dishwasher safe. Available in 2 lengths - Short and Long...
Kitchen/ Dining Aids - Strawberi Straw Holder - 10 PackKitchen/ Dining Aids - Strawberi Straw Holder - 10 PackHolds your straw securely against the side of your glass, cup or bottle. It holds standard straws up to 6mm in diameter. Reusable and Dishwasher safe. Not suitable for children under 3 years of age...
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