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Daily Living Aids - Healing Light Therapy/ Treatment
Medical Light Therapy is used to encourage your bodys' Natural Healing Power.

To greatly boost blood circulation through all vital parts of your body, harmonize metabolic processes of respiration and digestion - including body fat and sugars. And reinforce your defence system against infections.

Medical Light Therapy also stimulates the regrowth and repair processes of the entire body system, promotes wound healing and relieves pain - or decreases it's intensity.

And here at The Wheelchair Pro, we offer you tested and trusted, guaranteed quality, Healing Light Therapy Aids to help you achieve all that.

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Healing Light Therapy - Britebox Sun Simulator 410D-Lux (SKU: D134/BRITEBOX)Healing Light Therapy - Britebox Sun Simulator 410D-Lux (SKU: D134/BRITEBOX)Helps to reduce the effects of “Winter Blues” (Greater need for sleep/sleep disorders, Fatigue and lack of energy, Depression, low moods...). Works by radiating really bright light, similar to sunlight. But without the harmful UV rays. 2-year full warranty (including tubes). 10,000 Lux at a very comfortable 18-inches. Only 30-minutes light therapy required per day. 30-minute timer reduces the possibility of over-exposure...
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