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Elderly/ Disability Adaptive Plates
Elderly/ Disability Adaptive Plates to Solve the Problem of Feeding Yourself or a Loved One - Due to an Illness, Disability or Old Age. Lightweight, Non-Slip, Shatter-Proof, Easy Grip, Adaptable Plates. To Increase your Safety and Convenience as you Enjoy your Meals.

Choose from our Wide offering of Easy-to-Use, Elderly/ Disabled Kitchen Utensils to Increase your Safety, Convenience and Reduce Strains/ Discomfort as you Prepare and Enjoy your Meals.

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Kitchen/ Dining Aids - Adult BibsKitchen/ Dining Aids - Adult BibsAbsorbent, colourfast. Impermeable barrier. Various patterns and closures available. Binding at neck....
Kitchen/ Dining Aids - Inner Lip PlateKitchen/ Dining Aids - Inner Lip PlateLightweight, Shatterproof and Durable. Features a deep inner rim which helps to keep your food from sliding off the plate edge, as you eat. This makes one-handed feeding easier. Made from polypropylene. Microwave and Dishwasher Safe...
Kitchen/ Dining Aids - Menu Portioned PlateKitchen/ Dining Aids - Menu Portioned PlateEspecially useful, if you're overweight and trying to reduce/ control your food portions. Makes it easier to portion your meals, and scoop food from each divided section. Suitable for the elderly and children. Dishwasher safe...
Kitchen/ Dining Aids - Plate VitalKitchen/ Dining Aids - Plate VitalMakes it easier for you to grasp your food. Designed to be discreet, thereby preserving your dignity. Designed with a noticeably higher, concave edge at the angled bottom of the plate. This causes your food to naturally collect at that end. The non-slip bottom prevents the plate from tipping or falling over. Dishwasher safe...
Kitchen/ Dining Aids - Plates - Manoy Contoured PlatesKitchen/ Dining Aids - Plates - Manoy Contoured PlatesMelamine plates, designed to make one-handed feeding easier. For if you have difficulty picking up food with utensils...
Kitchen/ Dining Aids - Plates - Medeci System PlateKitchen/ Dining Aids - Plates - Medeci System PlateA deep dish-plate to make one-handed feeding a lot easier. It allows food to be pushed against the side of the plate; It prevents your food from sliding off the edge of the plate; And helps with picking up food. Made from tough, scratch resistant plastic. Its' large, contoured rim makes the plate easier to grip. It is lightweight, stackable, microwavable and dishwasher safe. External diameter 240mm (9.5"). Available in a choice of 4 Attractive Colours. A great alternative to using a Plate Guard...
Kitchen/ Dining Aids - Plates - Plate Surround/ GuardKitchen/ Dining Aids - Plates - Plate Surround/ GuardThe Plate Surround is a flexible plate guard which can be fitted to ordinary plates to help with one handed eating. Three clips attach it to the rim and create a high, inward sloping face. This helps with food collection and prevents spillage...
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