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Getting Around in a Wheelchair: Escape a Life of Dependency

Getting Around in a Wheelchair: Escape a Life of Confinement

Getting around in a wheelchair is a means to escape being confined to a bed. Or an Armchair. Or relying on others, to get simple things done always. Or giving up on life and all its activities altogether.

It's a bright and sunny day. The air is warm and inviting. All you want to do is rush a quick bath, a quicker meal and get on with the events of the day.

You plan to putter in the garden for a while. There are some lovely daffodils just blooming - You think it will look great in the hall.

Halfway through, you realise you're short on seeds. You decide to stop by at the flower shop down the road to get some. And yes! Stop over at the shops to get some essentials, for your 'over-the-weekend' stay at you daughters'. You were going to do that later on anyway.

Now imagine this:

Scene One - You have a wheelchair. You get it out - with or without help. And you are off to get your things done. By yourself. Or with your companion.

Scene Two - How you wish you really could do all that! But How? You are not strong enough. You tire easily after a few steps. You can only move one half of your body. Or you cannot even move your limbs at all.

You are blessed to be surrounded by such loving people, who will move the earth just to make you happy. They are always willing and happy to help out. But many times they also need to get a number of things done that don't really involve you. Not at the time you need it anyway.

You feel confined to your bedroom. Or your living room. If only there was a way around all this.

There is a way around your mobility and dependency problems. And I'm happy to be the bearer of the good tidings:

A Wheelchair.

It could be a Manual, Power or Attendant Propelled Wheelchair - Depending on your unique needs. As best determined by your physiotherapist and / or occupational therapist.

Getting around in a wheelchair may be your smart option to escape confinement. And a life of dependency.

There are various types of wheelchair to make disabled travelling and getting around indoors and outdoors easier.

Manual Wheelchairs are great for when you need to move indoors from room to room. Or patio. Garden. Or to talk to your neighbour across the fence - Whom incidentally, you have not seen in over 4 months. And without the mobility your wheelchair offers you, would not see for another 6 months - Till they decide to come visit.

You also have the option of a Power / Motorised wheelchair for greater independence.

If you cannot move a wheelchair on your own, then getting an Attendant-Propelled Wheelchair will make it easier to get around. Without placing too much strain on your helpers.

There are various types of wheelchairs to meet practically every mobility need. Travelling, Sports, Outdoor Activities, Indoor Activities, Transfer Needs... Whatever.

Getting around to do your favourite - and not so favourite - things need not be a bother anymore. Not if you will get a Wheelchair.

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