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Mobility/ Disability Links to Useful Related Organisations

Mobility/ Disability Links to Useful Related Organisations

Useful Links to Support Organisations - When Help Is Needed

When you are looking for more information or support for your specific Mobility and Disability Issue, we hope you will find the sites from these categories useful.

Mobility/ Disability

• - A Campaigning Charity for Disabled Motorists and Blue Badge holders. Working to improve parking, refuelling and access provision for disabled people. Also campaigns for/ supports scooter and wheelchair users, families and carers.

• - Charity which works to relieve Disability Poverty and improve the Living Standards of disabled people. Provides information on Social Security Benefits, Tax Credits and Social Care to disabled people, their families, carers and professional advisers.

• the guide dogs for the blind association - Association which works as a team to deliver mobility and access services that meet the needs and aspirations of blind and partially-sighted people in the United Kingdom.

• - The Royal Association for Disability Rights (RADAR): A national network of disability organisations and disabled people.  Represents members by fast-tracking member opinions and concerns to policy-makers and legislators in Westminster and Whitehall. And launching their own campaigns to promote equality for all disabled people.

• - UK Government Website on all disability-related matters. From Disability Loans and Grants to Care and Support, available to those living with a disability, their carers and families.

• - The Wheel Life Social Network for wheelchair users.

• - Providing a choice of holiday opportunities to those living with special needs and mobility difficulties. To give those with disabilities and their carers, the freedom to travel like any abled bodied person. Without the worry of restrictions and practical difficulties.


• - Provides information, confidential support, services and resources to children and young people, their families and health professionals on bedwetting, daytime wetting, constipation and incontinence or continence problems.

• - Provides information and support to people affected by bladder and bowel control problems such as Incontinence, Prostate Problems, Constipation and Diverticular Disease. With a growing network of Local Support Activities for patients, their families, carers and healthcare professionals.

• - Information on Incontinence, its' treatments and research.

• -  National Association for Continence (NAFC): A leading source for public education and advocacy about the causes, prevention, diagnosis, treatments, and management alternatives for incontinence.

Elderly/ Aging Seniors

• - UK's largest organisation working with and for older people.

• - A private Organisation which Provides Services such as Holidays and Insurance for People in the UK aged 50 and over.

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This listing does not indicate our endorsement of the relevant organisations or the views expressed by their websites and onward links.

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