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Mobility Scooter - Shoprider Paris Mid-size Transportable Scooter
Mobility Scooter - Shoprider Paris Mid-size Transportable Scooter
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The Mobility Scooter - Shoprider Paris Mid-size Transportable Scooter has many features for both comfort and safety.

Designed to be super easy to use and travel with, the Paris mobility scooter can mean the difference between independence and being stuck in the house for many active adults.

When you are ready to head out on a trip, the Paris is easily dismantled without tools and can be transported in a standard vehicle.

The full seat has a swivel function, making it easier to get in and out of. The arm rests are adjustable both for height and width making them an almost custom fit each time. The tiller also has an adjustable angle for comfort and control.

The battery pack is removable for off board charging.

Easy to use, and great to move around in, the Paris mid-size transportable scooter can sure make your life so much more comfortable and enjoyable. You don`t have to feel dependent on anyone, anymore. You feel life is a breeze on your scooter!


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Overall length 1050mm/41in
Overall Width 560mm/22in
Overall height 880mm/35in
Seat Width 470-530mm/18.5in-21in
Seat Depth 410mm/16in
Seat Height (to ground) 340-415mm/13-16in
Backrest height from seat 360mm/14in
Seat to footrest/floorpan heght 260-335mm/10-13in
Height with back folded 630mm/25in
Safe working slope 8 degrees/14%
Maximum user weight 136 kgs/21 stone
Battery size 2 x 12 volt
Range up to 24km/16 miles
Weight with battery pack seat and basket 56kg/123lbs
Maximum speed 6kph/4mph
Wheel/Tyre size 230mm/9in
Turning Radius 1150mm/45in
Battery charger 3 amp off board
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Mobility Scooter - Shoprider Paris Mid-size Transportable ScooterMobility Scooter - Shoprider Paris Mid-size Transportable ScooterListening to public demand for a Class 2 scooter that easily seperates for storage and transportation; Shoprider modeled the Paris on their very popular Cameo Compact scooter, but giving it the feel and performance of a Mid Range scooter.

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