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Mobility/ Disability Scooters to Boost Mobility/ Independence

Power Mobility Scooters Can Give You Your Life Back!

Power Mobility/ Disability Scooters make it possible for you to return to a full and active life. A life filled with activity and happiness, spending time and doing things, with those you love.

Have you had a debilitating injury or illness that has left you lacking the strength, freedom and independence you once enjoyed? Are you feeling discouraged, bleak about the future and maybe a bit hopeless?


With the right knowledge and equipment, such as a power mobility scooter, it is possible to return to a full and active life. One filled with activity and happiness. Spending time and doing things with the ones you love.


Mobility Scooters are ideal for use on a variety of surfaces such as sidewalks, asphalt and smooth grass. They’re portable too! Plus it makes you more mobile, while saving your strength for your other activities.


Being mobile increases your enjoyment of life by adding to your ability to interact with others and to participate in social and community activities. It can even allow you to continue working or attending school.

Read this story of how a mobility scooter changed one girl’s life after a paralyzing accident:

“Several years ago, my daughter, a 17 year old college freshman, was paralyzed from the waist down as the result of a fall. She was determined to continue on with college and needed a way to get around the campus. Fortunately an electric mobility scooter provided her with the freedom and mobility she needed during that difficult period in her life 

Without the aid of the electric mobility scooter, my daughter would have had to drop out of college and return home …the electric mobility scooter provided not only the physical freedom and mobility but also the psychological boost she needed during the crisis period.”

-         Jane Carmichael

Don’t be kept down by mobility difficulties. You can regain your freedom and independence and return to a life of meaning and purpose by living an active, full and fulfilling life.

We know how it is to feel restricted and not being able to move around like you want to. We understand, and more importantly we care.

Contact us now and we’ll help you back to the life you want. Whether you are looking for a small compact scooter or a slightly larger one, there is lots of variety on our site. Browse through our vast collection of mobility scooters, and choose one according to your needs.

Not sure what will be right for you, contact us and we’ll be most happy to assist you.

Choose a life of freedom and independence now with your very own mobility scooter.

Mobility Scooter! Choose a Life of Freedom & Independence.

Mobility Scooter - Shoprider Napoli MediumMobility Scooter - Shoprider Napoli MediumShopriders new generation Napoli 3 wheeled scooter is the big brother to the Shoprider Capri S787M mini scooter; The large (280mm) pneumatic rear wheels simply eat up the miles offering a standard of performance that surpasses all others; The cushioned seat, adjustable tiller positions and self adjusting footrests, gives the Shoprider Napoli a degree of comfort which has to be experienced to be believed.
Mobility Scooter - Shoprider Paris Mid-size Transportable ScooterMobility Scooter - Shoprider Paris Mid-size Transportable ScooterListening to public demand for a Class 2 scooter that easily seperates for storage and transportation; Shoprider modeled the Paris on their very popular Cameo Compact scooter, but giving it the feel and performance of a Mid Range scooter.
Mobility Scooter - Shoprider Perrero Mid Sized ScooterMobility Scooter - Shoprider Perrero Mid Sized ScooterA Long range luxury Class 3 mobility scooter suitable for road or pavement use having a variable speed Selector. The suspension, larger wheels, better seats and extra features of this long range mobility scooter add to the safety and enjoyment of the ride.
Mobility Scooter - Shoprider Sovereign 3 MediumMobility Scooter - Shoprider Sovereign 3 MediumSmall turning circle. Dismantles for storage and transportation. Comfortable swivel seat. Single headlight. 5 position tiller adjustment. Easy access through doorways.
Mobility Scooter - Shoprider Sovereign 4 MediumMobility Scooter - Shoprider Sovereign 4 MediumThe Shoprider Sovereign 4 Mobility Scooter is a luxurious 4mph pavement scooter fitted with a front suspension system to provide a comfortable ride. An adjustable folding tiller is fitted as standard to the Shoprider Sovereign 4 disabled scooter. The seat adjusts for height and reach to help you find the ideal driving position. A Captain seat is also available as an optional extra.
Mobility Scooter - Shoprider Torino Mid-size ScooterMobility Scooter - Shoprider Torino Mid-size ScooterThe Shoprider Torino electric scooter is very easy to drive and has a powerful two horse power motor. The Shoprider Torino electric scooter is supplied with a full light set, including indicators and hazard lights, to conform to class 3 regulations.
Mobility Scooter - Shoprider Traveso Heavy Duty ScooterMobility Scooter - Shoprider Traveso Heavy Duty ScooterThe Shoprider Traveso disabled scooter has a durable rustproof cover to keep you dry. The windows can be opened, and the doors can even be removed to give you ventilation as well as safety and protection. The windscreen wipers and rear view mirrors are also fitted as standard...
Mobility Scooter - Shoprider Valencia 4Mobility Scooter - Shoprider Valencia 4Shoprider Valencia Medium is a scooter which comes with the 20 miles Range, Comfort and legroom of a mid size scooter plus Dismantles easily without tools like a portable scooter for transporting in a vehicle.
Mobility Scooter - Shoprider Whisper CompactMobility Scooter - Shoprider Whisper CompactExtremely popular four wheeled mini scooter. Excellent manoeuvrability from articulating double front wheels. The stability of a 4 wheeled scooter with the manoeuvrability of a 3 wheeled scooter. Safe cornering and travel over uneven surfaces without compromising stability;
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