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Mobility Walking Therapy
Mobility Forearms Walking Therapy Aids to Aid your Mobility. Mobility Aids for Elderly, Child or Disabled, to meet all your Mobility/ Disability Needs.

Choose from our Wide offering of Mobility Forearms Walking Therapy Aids and Supports to take the Strain off Walking. And Increase your Safety, Comfort and Independence...

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Mobility Walking Frames - Adjustable Care WalkerMobility Walking Frames - Adjustable Care WalkerFeatures armrests which are individually adjustable in height and width. Also with width-adjustable handgrips. These allow you to find the most suitable adjustment level for your needs A sturdy, high quality, walking frame to help you walk more confidently, with or without the help of a carer. Padded armrests and handgrips provide extra comfort and support during use - reducing pressure on your lower body...
Mobility Walking Frames - Step Up WalkerMobility Walking Frames - Step Up WalkerHeight adjustable. Provides mobility support. Ideal if you desire an increased confidence in walking, as you regain your independence following an illness, injury or operation. Water-resistant, modern, indoor walker which can be used in wet rooms/ showers. Width-adjustable, to allow for access around a wheelchair. Its' base is also low enough for the rear-end to go underneath your bed.
With four individual braked castors, for your easier control and greater safety...
Mobility Walking Frames - Trio Height Adjustable Walking FrameMobility Walking Frames - Trio Height Adjustable Walking FrameA stable and tilt-resistant Walking Frame. Its' Armrests are width and height adjustable. Lockable hand brakes provides your maximum comfort and safety. Suitable for use indoors and outdoors. Features large, 200mm (8") puncture-safe wheels with a tight turning circle. This is ideal for small and tight turns, so you can move around more easily in your smaller rooms and corners. Also with lockable hand brakes for maximum comfort and safety. Height adjustable...
Mobility Walking Frames - Trio Walking FrameMobility Walking Frames - Trio Walking FrameWith individually width-adjustable padded armrests and handgrips. These provide extra support during use and reduces pressure on your lower body. A sturdy, high quality, walking frame to help you walk more confidently with or without the help of a carer...
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