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How Exercise Will Benefit You - Disability Or Not!

Benefits of Exercise for the Disabled, Elderly Or Frail

Has your doctor been suggesting that you get some exercise? And your family forcing you to get some as well?


It seems everyone is suggesting it. But you just don’t understand how or why: You are in a wheelchair. You are disabled. Or you are old/ getting old.


None of these are valid reasons not to exercise! It is good for you to realize that exercise can make you feel better. Even if you are in a wheelchair. Or disabled. Or old/ getting old. Or even all of the above.


Exercise - no matter how you get it, how long you do it, or how little/ hard you work at it - is good for you. The more exercise that you do, the more you will be able to do. Every day you will find a little more strength. A little more energy. Every day you will find yourself able to do a little more.


Exercise can improve your heart and lung function. When your heart is beating better and stronger, it will not have to work as hard. When your lungs are working better, you will breathe better and get more oxygen to your system. And when you are getting more oxygen to your system, you will find yourself thinking a little more clearly because more of that oxygen is getting to your brain.


That increased brain power might increase your ability to handle some of your activities of daily living (ADL’s).


You may be able to get better control of your weight, and this could lead to better control of your cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar.


Whew! Do you really need more reasons to give exercise a try? Okay, Here are some more reasons, then!


Daily exercise can decrease depression and depressive symptoms. It can reduce anxiety as well. Research has also shown that daily exercise can slow down senility and age related dementia.


Before you get started though, tell your doctor that you are ready to kick off a daily exercise routine. Let him know what your plan is. That way, he can look it over and give you the thumbs up. Once you have the doctor’s okay, you can begin.


Keep in mind that you are not going to go out and set a world record on your first day out. So please take things easy at first. Don't over do it.


If you feel exhausted, short of breath, pain, dizziness, or nausea, sit down or stop exercising immediately. Drink water before, during, and after your exercise and start slow. Increase how long and how much you exercise gradually. That way, your body adapts to the movements smoothly. And you don't tear muscles - causing you aches and pains..


Exercising Aids such as the Alpha pedal can be quite beneficial in encouraging you to exercise routinely. If you have use of your legs. You can sit on a chair and pedal this like you would a bike. You can change the tension to make yourself work harder. Or less intensely.


If you do not have use of your legs, you can use this to work your upper body, using the dial to change the tension for the same purpose.


Even a very small amount of daily exercise adds up. Remember, you have to start somewhere, because if you do not, then you are nowhere at all.


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