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Personal Home Nursing Care

Need to Improve Daily Living/Personal Care in your Own Home?

Personal Home Nursing Care can be Much Easier and More Rewarding, when you have the Right Information. And use the Right Personal Nursing Aids.

Using the right disability aids can provide greater independence, resulting in less outside assistance. There are many devices and tools available that can help one with a limited mobility or disability to function better. And have a better quality of life. 

In The Bathroom/ Toilet


It may be difficult or embarrassing to discuss bathroom and toilet limitations, but an increase in independence can be gained with the right products. Often all that may be needed is the right commode, support bar or bathing aid.


In the bathroom we offer incontinence products, bath and toilet supports, commodes and other safety devices that make this necessity of life a little more pleasant.


Moving About


Mobility aids can help individuals to gain some independence, like getting up and down from couches and chairs, out of bed, and other useful aids for getting around on their own. Physical limitations can make daily living more difficult. The right assistive aid can make these activities easier.


If you need to move or transfer your loved one or patient, we provide safety devices, moving halters, wheelchair accessories, and other implements that make positioning, transferring and moving less work.


Additional Comfort


Maybe you need a little extra comfort for you or your loved one. We can supply electric nursing beds, pressure relieving mattresses, wheelchair positioners and over bed tables, deluxe drip stands, adjustable height trolley trays that will eliminate all your inconvenience and will make your loved one more relaxed and comfortable.


All our products are manufactured using the highest standards and also satisfy Department of health requirements. You are assured of durability and highest quality with each of our products.


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