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Pressure Sore, Bed Sores, Decubitous Sores

Pressure Sore, Bed Sores, Decubitous Sores... Articles

Pressure Sore: Definition, Symptoms and Relief - The Pain and Agony You Can Do WithoutWhat is a Pressure Sore? What are the Symptoms and How Can I Avoid / Get Relief from Pressure Sores? These are some of the questions we will address on the topic of pressure sores, in this article...
Pressure Sores and Aging Seniors: To Enjoy an Infection-Free Life, Start Here!As we grow older, our skin becomes thinner, more dry and less elastic. This makes aging skin more susceptible to physical injury from pressure, friction or shear on the body...
Pressure Sore Treatment For All StagesPrevention is always the best form of protection from pressure sores. There are cases, though, where even with the best preventive measures in place, these sores still stubbornly occur. In such cases...