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Pressure Sore Care: Prevention is Easier than Cure

Pressure Sore Care - How to Protect Your Bony Body Parts

Pressure Sores are best prevented or treated by watchfullness. And the proper positioning of pressure cushions and aids.

Positioning of Pressure Relief Aids


If you sit on your bottoms in a wheelchair all day, you are likely to feel some pressure building up on your tail bone, and at the base of your spine. Addition of a pressure relieving wheel chair cushion can help to prevent some of the damage that can build up.


There are several types to choose from, including foam pads, fleece covered cushions, and inflatable wheelchair cushions that can be adjusted to give you the perfect level of support and care.


When you lie in bed there are many more areas that are in contact with the mattress surface. And they will all be more prone to pressure damage. Fleece body protectors that fasten on with Velcro offer the best relief.


If you are totally unable to adjust your position as you lie, ask your companion/ carer to move you from time to time. This will help to take the pressure away from that area, as you move to the other position. Support Cushions/ Wedges should also be used to keep you from falling back to the same position as before.


Once you get a pressure sore, it is very difficult to heal. It can also lead to dangerous infections.


Pressure sore prevention is far easier, and less painful to handle than its treatment. It's way better to keep an eye on the bony parts of your body and take good care of your skin.


At the TheWheelChairPro, we have a range of products that will help you prevent pressure sores.


Not sure which products will be right for you? Contact us now, and we'll assist you in choosing the right product for you.

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