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Pressure Sore: Definition, Symptoms and Relief

Pressure Sore: Definition, Symptoms and Relief

What is a Pressure Sore? What are the Symptoms and How Can I Avoid / Get Relief from Pressure Sores?

These are some of the questions we will address on the topic of pressure sores, in this article.

A Pressure Sore is an area of the skin and its' underlying tissues, damaged as a result of staying in one position for too long.

Being in one position for too long reduces, or cuts off, blood circulation to the supporting body parts. This causes a gradual breakdown of that part of the skin. The longer the pressure continues against that area, the greater the damage caused.

Trusted Options in Pressure Sore Prevention and Healing

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Pressure sores are easily recognizable by any redness, darkness or break in the skin. Other symptoms that may show its' beginning are:  

  • An area of skin that is warmer or cooler than the surrounding skin
  • A firmer or softer patch of skin, compared to the surrounding skin.

The lower back and buttocks - and bony protruding areas, such as the shoulders, hips, knees, heels and ankles - are most susceptible to pressure sores. However, it is not limited to these areas, and can occur in other places as well. Bed sores are common among people who have to stay in bed, or a wheelchair, for a long time. Especially those who have difficulty changing their positions.

For those who are bedbound, the most likely areas to develop sores are the Back of the Head, Outer Ears, Shoulder Blades, Shoulders, Breasts (female), Elbows, Genitals (male), Knees, Ankles, Heels, and the Toes. Those who use a wheelchair have a higher risk of developing these sores on their: Shoulder blades, Back of arms, Buttocks, Tailbone, Spine, Back of legs.

Pressure sores are very irritating and uncomfortable at best. It can cause great pain, distress and agony - And when it becomes infected due to neglect, can lead to death. It is therefore most important to watch carefully against this easily preventable condition.

The most important step in avoiding this condition is to keep pressure OFF the susceptible areas - If one will be lying down or sitting up for an extended period of time. The easiest way to do this is to move the person at risk into a different position on a regular basis. Also other helpful, cushioning and supporting aids will help to make this all-important task easier, and more effective.

In my honest opinion, It would not be showing love, to allow anyone suffer the pain and agony associated with pressure sores. Especially as it is so easily preventable.