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Mobility Walking Aids - Child's Rollator
Mobility Walking Aids - Child's Rollator
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This Child's Rollator is sized and built for children.

Made of chromium plated steel and fully height adjustable for maximum comfort.

Solid tyred wheels on front and non-slip, non-marking rear feet make this a durable and practical rollator for your child.

The tyres allow for maximum independence while the rollator is stable enough to provide security to its user. Designed for indoor and outdoor use.

The maximum weight of the Child’s Rollator is a mere 13lbs and is capable of handling a child of up to 165lbs.

Give your child the independence he or she needs with this child`s rollator.


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Height 41-53 cm / 16-21”
Depth 47 cm / 19”
Maximum Width 42 cm / 17”
Weight of Product 6 kgs / 13 lbs
Maximum User Weight 75 kgs / 165 lbs
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Mobility Walking Aids - Child's RollatorMobility Walking Aids - Child's RollatorThe Childs Rollator has adjustable height handles and is made from chromium plated steel making it sturdy and reliable. With its solid tyred wheels and rear non-slip rubber feet the Childs Rollator is the perfect little aid!

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