Koosh® Balls - Pack Of 5
Koosh® Balls - Pack Of 5 are specially designed for children or adults with special needs and sensory impairments.

It is made for Community Occupational Therapists who need to take the sensory experience to the individual rather than the individual to the sensory experience.

Koosh® Balls - Pack Of 5 is ideal for your homes and group work at day care facilities. It gives you the visual display of the space projector and coloured fibre optics. The interaction it provides you with tactile balls and colour packs are calming as it produces natural music. It is liken to Aladdin's cave of sensory stimuli.

Koosh® Balls - Pack Of 5 includes: Tough and Durable Suitcase, Space Projector, Fibre Optic Sideglow (100 tails x 2m) with 50w Light source, Mirror Ball Kit with Pinspot and Filters, Aroma Diffuser with Oils, Maglite Torch, Blacklight Bolt, Vibrating Snake, Tactile Pack, Koosh Balls,
Inflatable UV & Fluorescent Star Ball, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green Linelites (8mm diameter), Red, Yellow, Blue, Green Linelites (4mm diameter), Rain Maker,
Egg Shaker, Three CDs, Three Audio Music Cassettes, Flexible Mirror Panel, UV Mesh & Nylon Fabrics, Magic Rods, Fluorescent Water Shape Bag,
Fluorescent Mirror Chime Mobile.

Koosh® Balls - Pack Of 5 comes with appropriate batteries and a 4-way gang plug and RCD (Reset Circuit Device). This is ideal for your One-to-One or Group work activities
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