White Room Sensory Tub
The White Room Sensory Tub is a specialized tub that uses light and sound, which when accompanied with white furniture and walls, create an environment that can help you relax, be calm and stimulate you senses.

The materials and items in this White Room Sensory Tub include a Sturdy Tub, White Projector Hut, Dream Weaver, Fibre Optic Spray, Laser Tower, LED Glitter Rocket, LED Heart Rocket, Mirror Projection Light, 3x Space Blankets, LED Torch, Illuminated Bumble Ball, 2x Atomic Light Balls, 3x Bulb Necklaces, 5x LED Magic Spinning Balls, 4 x Battery Powered Fuzz Lights, Cylinder LED Light, Roulette 3 Light Chaser, 2 x Fluorescent Balloon Balls, 3 x Nobbly Massage Balls, Rainbow Koosh Ball, Tip Top, 2 x Water Wigglers, Body Massage Set, Massage Peanut, 2 x Stress Balls, 2 x Bell Balls, Rainbow Light-Up Ball, 4 x Vibrating Creatures, 2 x Aquarium Tubes, 2 x Body Massagers, Backrest Massager.

The items within the White Room Sensory Tub as mentioned above enhances and promotes the idea of your personal relaxation. It allows the White Room concept to be portal.

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