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Rise/ Recline Chairs

Get Up More Easily With Rise and Recline Armchairs

An electric rise and recline armchair can assist you in getting into, and out of your chair more easily. And they are easy to operate, using a handset.

A Rise/ Recline Chair Offers You an Increased Quality of Life by Allowing for a Full Recline and Rise Position.

Its' mechanism provides various recline positions/ angles to facilitate short rest periods. And the rise mechanism gives a steady action to aid you safely into a standing position.

By using the handset you can raise the chair to an almost standing position, so that you can easily stand up. When you want to sit down, just sit on the edge of the chair and then lower it with the handset. No more stress and strain or help from others.

Rise and Recline Armchairs Provide Added Health Benefits.

If you suffer from conditions such as back pain, circulation problems, arthritis or even asthma - Then a Rise and recline armchair can definitely help relieve some of the pain and strain of standing up. And sitting back down.

Also, if you spend a lot of time in an armchair, you will discover that the additional sitting positions provided by a rise and recline armchair can reduce pressure points. As well as soreness and other aches and pains on your back, legs and bottoms.

Also Provides You with Extreme Support

They come with different back styles. These offer you varying levels of support. New rise and recline armchairs also come with an ‘anti-trap’ safety feature, so that the chair will not operate if something is caught in it. Other models require a key or password before the handset can be used, preventing accidental misuse by children or others.

You have Different Styles to Choose From - Pillowback, Standard Back, Button Back ...

They also come with either one or two motors. A chair with one motor is not as adjustable as a chair that has two motors. On the models that have two motors, the footrest and back rest adjust independently of each other. On a single motor model, the back rest and footrest are adjusted at the same time.

Single Motor Chairs -  have two control buttons which work both the foot-plate and the back of the recliner armchair at the same time. Single motor chairs do not fully recline. It is normal for the recline to only go back to an angle of 45 degrees.

Dual Motor Chairs - These have two motors. Two control buttons work with the first motor to move the footplate in and outward. Then another two control buttons work with the other motor to move the back of the recliner chair forward and backwards. 

This gives the ultimate in flexibility and allows you to find a reclined seating position to suit you. In addition, a dual motor chair will recline fully, so is ideal if you may need to sleep in your chair on occasions.

The upwards rising function of a riser/ recliner chair is exactly the same, no matter whether the chair has a single or dual motor.

A rise and recline chair can provide great diversity in position, from nearly standing to nearly lying. This provides great benefit, especially if you suffer from mobility and joint problems that make it difficult for you to sit and stand.

Choose the Ideal Rise and Recline Chair for Extreme Support

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