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Showering/ Changing Benches
Safety Showering Benches, Changing Benches, Nursing Tables, Showering/ Changing Aids and Accessories for Use in your Bathroom/ Shower Room. Bathroom/ Bathing Safety Aids for Elderly, Child or Disabled, to meet all your Mobility/ Disability Bathing and Toileting Needs.

Choose from our Wide offering of Showering Benches, Changing Benches, Nursing Tables, Showering/ Changing Aids and Accessories for Use in your Bathroom/ Shower Room for Safer and Easier Bathing Routines...

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Bathroom Aids - Disability Safety Adjustable BenchBathroom Aids - Disability Safety Adjustable BenchPowered adjustable-height, folding change bench with drop-down cot side for easy storage. Anti-splash curtain prevents splashes that cause accidental slips. With safe working load of 190kg. Made from stainless steel which assures durability and safety of the bench ...
Bathroom Aids - Pressalit Nursing BenchBathroom Aids - Pressalit Nursing BenchWith a slightly curved form to aid in comfort and safety. Manually adjustable back supports and end caps, covered with polyurethane to avoid contact with cold surfaces. Can be folded against the wall with the help of internal gas cylinders ...
Bathroom Aids - Shower BathBathroom Aids - Shower BathA combination of a shallow bath, nursing table and stretcher shower all in one. It gives the effect of a "real" bath, compared to standard shower trolleys. Comfortable and easy to maintain. The sides can be electronically lowered to convert the bath to a changing bench. Best operated with two carers. The height of the trolley can be adjusted to a comfortable level for a wash and change of clothes. The trolley can support up to 200kg including the water being used for bathing. It also comes with chargable battery pack...
Bathroom Aids - Shower TrolleyBathroom Aids - Shower TrolleyHelps to greatly reduce the time and effort needed to lift manually. Allowing easy transfer to the bathing area, showering, drying and clothing. With three locking castors to prevent it from moving around when you use it. and a fourth castor to assist in maneuverability and directional locking. Height Adjustment Mechanism allows for height adjustment. This improves carer ease and comfort. Drop-down padded sides removes the need to stretch or lean over ...
Bathroom Aids - Shower/ Changing TrolleyBathroom Aids - Shower/ Changing TrolleyAn electrically adjustable trolley, using a hand controller. Made from stainless steel which assures it durability and safety. And can be adjusted from 500mm to 900mm (19 - 35"). Also features drop down cot sides - for easy transfer; Lockable castors to secure it; And flexible waste hose to remove waste water easily during bathing...
Bathroom Aids - Tip Up Shower/ Changing StretcherBathroom Aids - Tip Up Shower/ Changing StretcherWall-mounted. Can be positioned over a bath, or in any other convenient place. Legs provide stability, or can be folded neatly away when not in use. Also available with an Adjustable Back option that can be locked in various positions to suit your needs. Suitable for children and adults under 102kg (16st)...
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