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Toilet Raisers
Toilet Raisers, Raised Toilet Seats, Toilet Surrounds and Frames, Safety Grab Rails/ Bars, Commodes and other Toileting Safety Aids for A More Independent, Convenient Toileting Experience. Toilet/ Toileting Safety Aids for Elderly, Child or Disabled, to meet all your Mobility/ Disability Toileting Needs.

Choose from our Wide offering of Toileting Safety Aids and Supports to Increase your Safety and Independence...

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Toilet/ Toileting Safety Aids - Bio Bidet SupremeToilet/ Toileting Safety Aids - Bio Bidet SupremeConverts your standard toilet into a sophisticated shower and wash toilet. Preventing a need to wipe/ rub, which could lead to soreness. With a retractable and oscillating nozzle, which offers three types of pressure wash: Feminine Wash - Soft aerated spray; Posterior Wash - Soft yet powerful spray for thorough cleansing; and Turbo Wash - Whirly mass of soft water. The discreet nozzle also provides a powerful, warm air drying operation. Withdraws back in to the unit after use. And has an automatic, in-built, self cleansing mechanism. Heated seat at room temperature approx 40°C. Seat sensor signals that the seat is occupied to commence cleaning operation. Easy control panels - fixed or remote control options. Eliminates need for toilet paper ...
Toilet/ Toileting Safety Aids - Dignity CommodeToilet/ Toileting Safety Aids - Dignity CommodeA self-contained, portable bidet toilet. It highly promotes independence by washing and drying you without the need for help. A safe, convenient and hygienic alternative to a commode chair with bucket. Easy to use. Simply fill the in-built water reservoir with water from the tap. Its' bidet washing and drying function works at the push of a button on the detachable control panel. And you can "flush" after each use. Soiled waste is collected in the supplied potty for easy disposal. Gentle light under the toilet seat. This enables it to be used in the dark, without disturbing others. Adjustable seat height, without the need for tools. Comfortable and comforting - Thermostatically controlled water and Pre-heated toilet seat. Reduces the risk of skin abrasion/ soreness from wiping or rubbing ...
Toilet/ Toileting Safety Aids - Solo Toilet LiftToilet/ Toileting Safety Aids - Solo Toilet LiftA discreet and effective way to sit and get up from your toilet, if you struggle with mobility. With a simple hand control pad, to operate the toilet lift. This gently lowers and raises you in a manner similar to your natural seating and standing motion. Powered by rechargeable batteries, so you don't need electricity - eliminating electrical hazards. This is incorporated neatly into the toilet lift frame, preventing trailing wires and cables - which could trip and cause a fall. Supplied with two batteries, so the backup can always be left on charge outside the bathroom. Installation is straight forward ...
Toilet/ Toileting Safety Aids - Uplift CommodeToilet/ Toileting Safety Aids - Uplift CommodeA self-powered, height-adjustable, lifting commode chair. Air-powered. The air-powered arm provides a lifting action that will support up to 80% of your weight, Allowing you to gently seat and raise yourself during use. May be used as a commode or over the toilet. Seat can be removed for cleaning. Gives a slow, controlled, uplift movement which relieves stress and strain on your joint. Lifting only as needed, so as to allow you to maintain your muscle tone and strength...
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