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VAT  Exemption Information

VAT Exemption Information

What is VAT?

Value Added Tax.

This is a knid of tax the Government requires you to pay, when you buy a Product or Service in the UK. It is also a common practice in many other countries.

How Much VAT Am I Required to Pay?

At present, this is 20% of the Price of the Product or Service you buy.

Do I Have To?

No, You Don't! The Government allows you not to have to, if you fall under certain categories. This is referred to as VAT Exemption, Or VAT Relief

How Does That Work For Me? 

For you, as it relates to the Products on this Website:

If you have a Long-Lasting/ Persistent Medical Condition. Or if you are Disabled, VAT Exemption allows you to buy Qualifying Products Without paying VAT. This saves you money.

Do I Qualify for VAT relief?

To qualify for VAT Exemption/ Relief, the government states that you have to fit one of the following categories:

Charities – Where the Money to Buy Products come from a Charitable Source. Simply provide your Charity Number.

A Person - You must be ‘chronically sick or disabled’. This means you are a person:

  • With a Physical or Mental Impairment which has a Long-Term and Substantial Adverse Effect upon Your Ability to carry out Everyday Activities;
  • With a Condition which the Medical Profession treats as a Chronic Sickness, such as Diabetes; or
  • Who is Terminally Ill.

Please Note: This does NOT include a Frail, Elderly Person, who is Otherwise Able-Bodied. Or any Person who is only Temporarily Disabled or Incapacitated - Such as with a Broken Limb.

What Proof Do I Need to Provide?

To Avoid VAT on your Purchase, the government requires a Simple Declaration to be made about the Nature of your Disability, at the Time of Ordering. No Proof of your Disability need be shown to any party at any time.

Claiming VAT Relief is very easy to do. All we need to know is the Name, Address and the Disability of the Person the Product is for. And What the Chronic Sickness or Disability is. We DON'T need a Doctors’ Letter or any Reference Numbers.

This information can be provided during the Online Checkout. Or if you Order by Phone or Post, we will Send you a Form and a Freepost Return Envelope asking you for the Above Information.

Which Products are Eligible?

Products available for VAT Exemption include Aids, Designed or Modified solely for use by People with a Disability. An example would be Arthritis - for the Purchase of Mobility Aids.

Also available for VAT Exemption are Products designed for the Care or Treatment of Incontinence.

Such Products are only available at zero-rate (0%) VAT, when Paid for Directly by an Individual for their Personal Use. Or when Paid for by a Registered Charity, for Use by a Disabled Person.

Displayed Prices

All Prices Displayed on our Website Exclude VAT

Please Note - All Product Prices are Quoted Excluding (Without) VAT. VAT at 20% is Added at Checkout.

Your Grand Total, at Checkout and the Confirmation E-mail, will show the Prices to Include VAT. If you believe that you qualify for VAT Exemption, then Please Fill the simple VAT Application/ Declaration Form at Checkout.

Checkout Details Explained

At Checkout and on your Confirmation E-Mail, you will Note that VAT is Included and Contributes to the Grand Total at the Bottom.

This Applies, whether you have Completed a Declaration Form or Not. 

If you qualify for VAT Exemption, the VAT Amount will be Refunded from the Actual Amount you Pay.

This will be done within 24 - 48 hours, once the VAT Declaration Form has been Reviewed and Accepted - Assuming it Fulfils the VAT Exemption Criteria as Above.

If you have any Questions over the Process of Claiming VAT Exemption from your Purchases, please do not hesitate to Contact Us and our Sales Team will be Happy to Guide you.

Important Points to Note

We do NOT decide if a Product is VAT Exempt or Not. We Don’t Earn any More or Less Money, if we charge you VAT or Not!

If you Do Not Complete the VAT Exemption Form, or you Do Not Qualify for VAT Exemption/ Relief, we are Obliged to Charge you the Full 20% VAT on the Whole of your Order.

If you fail to return any VAT exemption forms to us, we WILL invoice you for the outstanding VAT.

Not all of our Products are Eligible for VAT Relief.  We are Obliged to charge VAT for those Products, Even After you Complete this Form. 

More information on VAT and VAT Exemptions.

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