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Walking Aids

Walkers, Rollators, Other Walking Aids for Easier Mobility

Walker, Rollator, Walking Stick or Walking Frame.

If you can still walk around on your own, but feel tired after just a few steps. If you are getting a bit Shaky, Wobbly or Unsteady on your feet as you start to walk. Or after a few steps. Or if you are simply unwilling to give up on your legs just yet - Then one of either a Walker, Rollator, Walking Stick or Walking Frame will do.

It can give you that needed extra Support. So you can Walk more Easily - And over a longer distance too.

If you are tired of staying at home, because you cannot walk as much as you did at one time. If you are fed-up because you cannot enjoy life as you used to, since your feet just can’t keep up anymore.

Do not worry. We have the perfect solution for you.

Lots of Choice with Walking Aids

We have many different types of mobility aids for you, if you are elderly. Or have a physical disability. Or simply frail.

Besides walking sticks (canes) and crutches, walkers - with or without wheels - are popular.

A walker that has three or four wheels is called a rollator. Both rollators and walkers aid patients recovering from surgery, as well as the elderly or handicapped individuals with an increased amount of mobility and freedom.  They also provide exercise for the body and limbs.

A walking stick provides a little extra measure of stability. While a walker or rollator is better suited for if you are recovering from surgery. Or elderly, without enough strength to support yourself with only a cane.

Lightweight and easy to use

Rollators provide added ease of use with rolling wheels. Both walkers and rollators are made from lightweight aluminum and have handgrips covered with heavy-duty rubber. There are many different styles available that can be selected according to individual needs. Some are even available with seats that can be flipped down to use as a place to rest if needed. They can also come with a basket to use for caring small items.

Using one of these walking aids is simple. They will facilitate your forward, backward or sideways movement, and increase your total overall mobility.

Walkers, rollators and other walking aids give you the independence that you need

If you are tired of being limited by your lack of mobility and freedom - due to surgery, a disability or handicap, a medical condition or aging - Then perhaps it is time that you looked into the support and independence that can be provided by a walking aid.

You can live life again. You can move around, enjoy the outdoors, participate in social activities and find the happiness that may be currently missing. You do not have to put up with your inability to move efficiently. You do not have to be tied up at home. You must know that there are plenty of options for you.

If you are unsure, for any reason, then contact us at now. We’ll help you assess your needs and help you find the walking frame, walker or rollator that is right for you.


Choose the Right Walking Aid to Improve Your Mobility

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