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Wheelchair Seat Measurement Guide

Wheelchair Seat Measurement Guide

To help you make an informed decision on the right size of wheelchair for you, we have produced these guidelines on seat measurement.

 Seat measurement is the most common measurement used to determine the correct size of wheelchair to order. The industry standards of wheelchair manufacture are  17'',  18'',  20",  22",  and 24"  (inches) respectively.

 Also, another major factor to consider, in determining the size of wheelchair to invest in, is its weight capacity.The wider chairs are usually designed to have a higher weight capacity.

 Listed below are the measurement to consider when ordering your wheelchair.

 A.  Seat Width - The correct width is determined by measuring the width of your body from outside hip to outside hip while sitting. Be sure to add an extra inch to allow movement, and any extra width to allow for bulky clothing, if applicable.

 B.  Seat Back Height - The correct back height is determined by measuring from the seat base to the top of the shoulder blades Based on your medical condition, you may require full back support. Most riders only require lumbar support, and the standard medium back height will work fine. 

 C.  Seat Depth - The correct depth is determined by measuring from the most posterior point of your body to the inside of your knee. Subtract at least 2 inches, to allow for relaxed posture, and consider that some may prefer more leg overhang to make room for their hand when lifting their leg for repositioning.

 D.  Seat Height- The correct seat height is determined by measuring from the sole of your foot to the back of the knee.
This measurement is used to determine where your feet will rest comfortably, without strain on your legs or back. This is the seat height in relation to the footplate or footrests.

 POINT TO NOTE: A  "lightweight"  wheelchair is considered to be so, only because it has been designed, using a lighter fabric and frame, so the wheelchair is easy to transport. And NOT because it is designed for a lighter person to sit on.

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